To be good or to be happy? (…or what is life about?)


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Is it worth wasting your time on meeting smb’s expectations? Or what is the life about?

«It’s better to live 40 years as a lion, than 100 years as a sheep» — that’ s what I usually say when I’m going to do smth and don’t want to go by the book. When I studied at school I peed on the mat at the front door of one of my classmates just because she tried to hit on the guy that I liked (and I thought liked me back). «Stay away from him!» And I have to confess I didn’t feel any sorry then. A little bit later I dyed my hair in a bright pink color very accidentally. And one of my teachers really pushed me to change the hair color back. I was pretty sure that my hair color didn’t influence my ability to get knowledge. So I left it even though I didn’t really like it either. At my prom night at university I got so drunk so I fell asleep on the floor in the bathroom of the restaurant. A year ago I left the university to stay with my fiancé in another country. And after that he left me with the words «you bring stress in my life». I was at my lowest ebb and I wanted to get away from it all. But anyway my Mom still remembers my prom and puts blames on me with the words «girls don’t drink like that.» Well, I smoked weed 3 times in my life — that was in my wishlist. One night I kissed 5 different guys and we didn’t play a game then. I still haven’t read «War and Peace» by Tolstoy, even the short variant. My granny that used to work at the library and has read millions of books  will probably be very disappointed to hear that. When I met my husband, I knew that I wanted to be with him. I didn’t want to bide my time so I proposed to him myself. To cut a long story short sometimes I did not very good things or what girls are not supposed to do. The only thing of the mentioned I could apologize for is a spoiled mat. I’m really sorry, I promise I will never do that again.

I could be different… I could cook every day even though I despise it with passion. And my husband loves cooking so much, he knows everything about spices I’ve never heard about, he loves to mix them up, tries out new recipes and dressings for them. So who will win in case I cook every evening just because girls should do it? I could be different… I could stay on maternity leave for 3 years, and repeat it time after time, do not work for 7-9 years and all this time discuss with my girls color of poop of my kids or what porridge they like or what blanket color we should select for kindergarten. Just because that is what girls should do? Please, don’t take me wrong! I do love my kid. But I don’t think his achievements is the only interesting topic to discuss with my girls. There are too many stereotypes what is right and what is wrong, what girls should do and what should not. But remember, life is so short. Is it worth wasting your time on meeting smb’s expectations? Let me lay my cards on the table. I think life is about enjoying the moment spent on doing things that you like with the people you love. And what is your life about?

Лия Рыжая ♥

Автор книги «Лечение влюблённой психопатки»



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  1. Ac Milan
    Февраль 24, 2017 в 21:54

    Many thanks for sharing.

  2. Nathan Schweiss
    Март 23, 2017 в 08:07

    Hi all!We had threat of frost last week too. I don’t get how daytime temps can be in the 70, but night can have the chance of frost. I was ready though.

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